Friday, April 19, 2019

April 19, 2019

Neem-yellow protection

Yellow has carcumin, which is a kind of Essential Oil. And the darker the color of the yellow color than the amount of kerculimine. In our country, the amount of carcumin contains 2-3 percent. And this carcumin is medicinal quality. The raw yellow carcinoma acts as the detox. There are various kinds of diseases in our body that cause various toxic substances. Yellow is quite effective in the case of pneumonia, ulcer or this physical illness. There are some rules for eating yellow as a medication, which is good if you follow. If you eat raw yellow juice, then the calf should be washed in hot water and then peel it and then eat it. And the juice of the juice of the juice of the juice should be used in the upper part of the body.

Eating honey regularly with honey or molasses is quite beneficial for health. Ayurvedic feels it is very beneficial for the body. If it is cut somewhere, mixed with mustard oil mixed with turmeric, then the wounds quickly become better. Apart from this, the mixture of yellow and margarine oil will be good if you use it in the nails of the elbows or fungus. Yellow juice and nimera juice can be mixed together by burning it. After regular use of water during bathing, allergic problems are released from the problem. Using a similar amount of yellow and nimer juice, mixed with sesame oil, and using every night in the body parts of the body, this problem will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

neem leaf

Neem works as a preventative defender of various physical problems. When it comes to neem leaves, take the first five leaves from the first vein, garlic and chillies, and roast them with hot rice and do not get too weak. And especially those who have lots of glare problems before they get hot, eat this meal. If you do not have to face the problem of turbidity Many people eat nymphs pills. In this case, this filling is quite effective than pill. Because the properties of chlorophyll in the pinna pale are damaged.

Nimpata is also very useful for the problem of lice. If you have problems with lice, using nimapata juice whole hair will get good results. Nimpata also works very well to prevent fungal infections. If the color of the water becomes green by nimapata fuels, it will be cooled down and refrigerated. It is often seen in small pits of the head in the palate. If you wash your head with shampoo, then this problem will be removed. Apart from this, the use of this water can be used to get rid of dandruff. With regular use of coconut oil, keep the nipple juice well and keep it warm.

Good to remember

 Raw yellow juice should never be used directly. Yellow juice should be extracted and groundnut should be used with flour.
ই Can not go to the sun just after the yellowing. This will cause blackness on the skin.
গুলো The above parts should be used and eaten without the early part of the nipple. Because it contains more chlorophyll content.
April 19, 2019

Summer hair care

With the skin of summer, the oil came with the idea of ​​oilchitchite. The hair starts to scratch, does not look neat. Their hair is oily, they have more problems. Due to sweating and dust, the hair gets stuck in the dirt faster, it also causes dandruff problems to anyone. And there is no sunny rain. The best way to keep the hair healthy and beautiful is to keep the hair clean. No hair can be kept in dirt. Then there are many types of problems including hair fall, dandruff. There are many misconceptions about shampooing everyday. They think that hair will become rough.

That's not right. Every day shampoo can not get rid of hair. As a result, most problems with hair will be reduced. But shampoo is the right rule. Shampoo can be found on the same place. So first pour shampoo in a small bowl. Mix well with water. After that, it is necessary to put oil in the form of hair from the beginning to the top. If you are busy, shampoo mixed with shampoo will be removed from the back hair. Then it will be thoroughly washed with water. Shampoo does not have too little hair. Many people use shampoo every day, but the hair does not dry well or oil becomes dry. For this reason, after cleaning the hair, the towels will be thoroughly removed. Some have wiped hair with a towel, that's not right. In it the hair becomes soft. Afterwards hair problems arise. You can dry your hair even if you have a table fan in the house. It seems that the associate professor of Dermatology and Disease Department of Dhaka Medical College. Masuda Khatun

When the hair is warmed in the hair, due to scratching of the hair at the base of the hair and hair is being soft, hair starts to soften. So this habit will be avoided.

Besides, it will be wise to avoid stress, anxiety, hot weather as far as possible, to reduce sweat problems. During the summer, tea, coffee, more snack food will also be avoided.

The hair will dry out without leaving wet hair. To get rid of hot clips or bands can strap the hair. Otherwise
The heat of the summer will sweat more. Reach the office once you reach the office or destination. Be sure to keep the comb in the bag. Brush hair twice a day or three times. Leisure without even
Pillai will deliver the hands in the hair. The winds into it; Sweat will dry up.

A few packs of hair
You can use the following packs at home to keep the hair warm. It will brighten up and smooth your hair. To understand the hair, use the pack. Rupabisanist Afroza Parvin said about two domestic packs.

For rough hair: You can use a week to paste soup yogurt, honey and ripe bananas.

For oily hair: Make a pack by mixing cake yogurt with any seasonal fruit without art. Only fruit packs can be used again. Apart from using regular henapac, hair is shiny.
The real thing is, hair should be kept clean. If you need any Beauty Salon, you can have Hair Spa, Hair Protein Treatment.
April 19, 2019

Resistance against misrule should be done: Mirza Fakhrul

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said that the people of the country should build resistance against the government's misrule, murder, injustice and misdeeds. Mirza Fakhrul said this remark in a brief rally in Dharampur area in front of BNP leader Mahbub Alam Shahin's house killed in the attack of miscreants in Bogra. Calling for the patience and courage of Mahbub Alam Shaheen's family, Mirza Fakhrul said, "Shahin's son and daughter are our children.

We all will see them. BNP will always be with this family. "The BNP secretary general said," There is no rule of law in the country, no justice, no human rights, no injustice. Everything is going on. There is no accountability. BNP leader Shahin murder proves that there is no law and order in the country. His children are today Baba, orphan. The wife is very sick in the grief of her husband. The entire family is helpless today.

Mirza Fakhrul said, "BNP's bloodiest leader Khaleda Zia is very sick. He can not continue without a wheel chair. Late leader Tarique Rahman abroad Bogra will pray for them. '

Before that BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul met Mahbub Alam's family members and comforted them and went with them to Mahabub's grave. At that time, Mahbub's wife and children and other family members became emotional. Mahbub Alam's wife Akter Jahan said to Mirza Fakhrul, "My husband was a soldier of the ideals of the BNP. What was my husband's crime? Why was it brutally murdered? '

The husband-wife Akhtar Jahan raised the question and said, 'My young children are Babarahara. What will happen to them Who will see my helpless children? Will my husband's murder be tried? I do not want to ask anything, one wants, exemplary punishment of the killers. Provide punishment for murderers. '

BNP chairperson's advisor and municipality Mayor AKM Mahbubur Rahman, Bogra-4 MP Mosharraf Hossain, Bogra district BNP president Saiful Islam, district BNP vice-president Ali Azgar Talukder, general secretary Joynal Abedin, former MP GM Siraj, BNP's Rajshahi Division Organizing Secretary M Ruhul Kuddus Talukder were also present.

On April 14, at around 10:30 pm, miscreants murdered BNP leader Mahbub Alam Shahin, stabbing in front of a 10-storey building in Bogra's Upashahar Bazar. Mahbub Alam Shaheen is a lawyer in the general secretary and profession of Bogra sadar upazila BNP. His house is located in Dharampur area of ​​Bogra subdivision.
April 19, 2019

Padma bridge is going up in 13 days

The Padma Bridge is going to increase further in 13 days. Another span may be set up in the Jazira end on 23 April. The 11th span will be placed on the pillar of 33 and 34. If the span is installed, the part of the Padma Bridge will be visible to 1,650 meters. Padma bridge authority sources said. Padma bridge authorities sources said that the span on Jazira will start with the floating crane on April 22 from Mawer Kumarvog Construction Yard. The next day, on April 23, the span will be installed if the weather is favorable.

On the last 10 April, 10th span was installed on the 13th and 14th pillars of the Mawa front. The Padma Bridge now forms 1,000 meters in length by installing this span.

On 30th September, 2017, the first spell was introduced in the number 37 and 38 by the first span of the Padma bridge. On January 28, 2014, the second span was placed on the 38th and the pillar number 39. The third span on March 11, last year, on page 39 and 40. Fourth span was placed on the pillar of May 40 and 41 on the same year. On June 29 last year, the fifth span was installed in Noodoba area of ​​Jajira upazila of Shariatpur. At the end of last year a span was placed on the 4th and 5th pillars of Mawa. On January 23 this year, the sixth span on the side of the Jazira border was held. On February 20, the eighth span was placed on the 36th and 35th pillars of Jazira. On March 22, the ninth span was held on the bridge 35 and 34 of the bridge.

According to the Padma bridge authority, 75 percent of the original bridge has been completed. Of the total 42 pillar bridges, 23 pillars have been completely completed. The next eight pillars will be completed in June. In addition to bringing the fragmented part from China, the addition of 10 spans to the Mauer Kumarvog Construction Yard has been completed.

In spite of the lack of space, the span set for the number 32 and 33 will be put in a temporary shed in Jajira.

One senior official of Padma bridge project said in the first light that the remaining 20 spans were made in China.

Project-related people are expected to see the entire Padma bridge in the middle of 2020 due to faster work being done.

Padma bridge expert committee chief Jamilur Reza Chowdhury said in the first light, the construction work of the entire bridge will be completed in 15 months. According to his information, the Padma bridge will be fully visible in July 2020.

A total of 294 piles have been kept in the main bridge of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge project. In the meantime, the installation of 247 piles was completed. The remaining 47 piles have been placed half of 15 pills. There will be a total of 42 poles in 294 piles.

The two-lane Padma bridge is between Mawa of Munshiganj and Jahjira of Shariatpur. Length of main bridge (part of water) is 6 decimal 15 kilometers. If you take part of the vessel, the bridge will be about 9 kilometers long. The steel span will be installed on the pillar, the train will run through it. And the vehicles will walk around.

The current expenditure of Padma bridge is more than Tk 30 billion. Chinese construction firm China Major Bridge Engineering Construction Company is building the main bridge. Another Chinese company Sinohydro Corporation is working on river administration. Construction of toll plazas, connecting roads, infrastructures on both sides, domestic construction companies
April 19, 2019

World Cup going to budget

World Cup cricket begins on May 30 Bangladesh fans, especially the cricket enthusiasts, are excited about the World Cup that started in the last Ramadan. Meanwhile, Eidul Fitr soon after the World Cup began. Typically television channels organize a variety of events for the audience. But this time the Eid is organizing entertainment programs and plays for the drama. Not just sharing, most of the budget is going on behind the game. On the condition of not disclosing the name, a television official said, the advertisement price for the Television channels at the time of Eid is 10 to 20 thousand rupees per minute.

And during the promotion of the game, the channels are advertised at the rate of one and a half million taka per minute. That's why other television's budget deficits are being made. Dewan Shamsur Rakib, chief of RTV's program, said, "Eid budget for drama-televisions has decreased slightly. Most of the playwright of Bangladeshi television viewers. So, advertisers, sponsoring companies and agencies are looking into the game. "For example, if the budget for an organization is 100 taka, then its 60 rupees are going to play back to the game.

Last year, the country's television channels fell into the same problem. Last year the World Cup football was promoted in different channels. The year is one of the major causes of anxiety on channels ahead of the big festival of Eid. According to Bangladesh time, most of the World Cup cricket will start in the afternoon or evening. Until the night or midnight This time during the game, 'Pick Time' in Television.

Last Wednesday, with some senior Television officials It is known that Maasranga Television and Gazi TV will also broadcast the game alongside BTV. Massranga Television program chief Arifur Rahman said, "The channels will be affected a bit for the game, it is true. Because, all the institutions in the game will have a big budget for advertising. But if you are a little tactful then you will be able to recover the loss. In this case, time will be used. It is possible to recover the losses in the afternoon and at night. "

Gazi TV is also thinking about the Eid celebration outside of the game. Its Managing Director Aman Ashraf Faiz said, "We will promote the game. But we will also announce the Eid festival outside this time. "

Speaking at the same time, the Chief Executive of the program, Mostafa Kamal Syed. He said, "The audience's interest in this year's program can be a little less. Because, Bangladesh is taking part in the World Cup. But we've already sold most of our Eid's plays and telegraph chunks. From there we are a little safer. '

But there is no relation to the Eid ceremony with the game, Kamruzzaman Babu, president of Citizen's TV program, said. He said the players of the game are different. There is another kind of television program. So there will not be any effect.

TV channels are now discussing program planning as well as with sponsors. The idea of ​​budgeting has included the idea of ​​building the best and exceptional programs. The remaining channels are planning to create various types of events without the game promoting channels. Channel ii director (sales and marketing) Ibn Hasan Khan said, "The budget of the channels which do not show the game, the deficit will fall. But the channels should not be bad at the ceremony. We have already started building quality programs to entertain the audience. '
April 19, 2019

Question about Indias World Cup team

India has been in the World Cup for four days. There have been many discussions with the team. Although most of the discussions have come to fruition, the Indian Cricket Board has not been able to hide the problem with the team. India's batting order has no answer to the 15-member squad. India's selectors are playing a bet on the World Cup team. The first three places in the Indian team are confirmed. Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli. Five and six will be in the form of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Kedar Yadav. All-rounder Haldik Pandya So there are only four vacancies in the batting lineup.

And that should be done by KL Rahul, Dinesh Karthik and Vijay Shankar any one. Two months ago, none of them could think of it, but in the World Cup, India will have to go to number four. This is not a secret information, there is no evidence to do any of the three good at four. It is a position where there is the ability to build innings and if there is time to take a storm. It was perhaps India's plan to adapt Rahu to this position in the opening.

But the Australia series was banned for the extravagant cricket and did not go down four. Kartik, who has played in the series in Australia and New Zealand, has dropped six and five. Bijoya has taken five, six or seven, and never four. As a result, there will be one in four of India's World Cup that never came to this position.

India has created Ambati Raidu for four years for four Performance is much better than the others in the team. But there was no place in the World Cup squad. Kiran More, the chief selector of the former selection committee, is so natural that, "With so much faith and habituation in that position, the question of the middle order of India excluding Raidu has been questioned. As a result, we are still not sure which one is the best in India. We should have been in a better position. "

In the 1987 and 92 World Cup wicket-keepers, Rahul should be seen as a four-choice opener. And he has also given his personal preference to Moray, 'I will go to Kartik because he has been playing for so many days. And Karthik has the experience of winning matches for India and ending the game. Vijay played just a few matches. This responsibility is important in a World Cup position (difficult for an inexperienced person). '

Confirming uncertainties in the World Cup team, the Indian team took the 'Let's' policy. Ideal is not a way, the electorate wants to bet on the World Cup.
April 19, 2019

Before Ramadan the price of meat and vegetables is high

Before the holy month of Ramadan, vendors have increased prices of vegetables, poultry and beef in the market. Domestic and fertile chicken prices have more than a few weeks. There is no vegetables in the market below 50 taka.

Buyers say that, at the beginning of the Ramadan, prices of daily commodity prices are discussed, so the vendors have increased prices before Ramadan. But retailers of the retailers say that they are going to buy more money because they are high in the wholesale market. However, the wholesale dealers demanded that due to hailstorm, there was less supply of vegetables due to inadequate vegetables. On Thursday, Mirpur number 1 in the capital, Kalyanpur New Market and Karwan Bazar are seen, most vegetables without papaya and potola are being sold at Tk 80-100 per kg.

There is no vegetables in the market below 50 taka. Barabati, Mats, Kachur Loti, Karala, Gol Bhuna, Chichiganga, Shajana stems are sold at Tk 80 per kg. Pataol, Tomato is sold at Tk 50. Bean, tall brinjal ki 60 rupees Harun-or-Rashid, an official of the non-government organization at Mirpur-1, said that for a few days vegetables prices are high. Vendors do not give any explanation of why prices have risen suddenly. The buyers are buying out to be helpless. In the markets, beef was sold at the market from 530 to 550 taka. The price of khasir meat is 750 to 800 taka per kg. Every chicken poultry has been sold from 380 to 450 rupees, Farm chicken 155 to 160 taka, Gold bullion chicken has been sold at 250 to 300 rupees.

The Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) lists the prices of essential commodities, a month ago, the price of beef was Rs 500 per kg. Two months ago, it was 480 rupees. Before the month of Ramadan, the price of meat is determined by the two city corporations of Dhaka. This price is determined by meeting with meat traders. So a few months before the meeting, meat sellers increased the price of beef. Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) President Golam Rahman said in the first light, Commerce Minister said, the prices of any products will not increase in Ramadan, there will be no shortage of supply. But the price is already rising. There is no problem with the supply and transportation of goods now. So the government must strengthen the surveillance.

Neem-yellow protection

Yellow has carcumin, which is a kind of Essential Oil. And the darker the color of the yellow color than the amount of kerculimine. In ...