Friday, March 8, 2019

Some ex-understudy pioneers lying about Bangabandhus Blemish 7 discourse: Hasina

Calling them "juvenile", the leader says their clarifications of the discourse "make her giggle".

"A considerable lot of the then understudy pioneers, who are as yet alive, are giving diverse clarifications of the discourse now. I've seen their meetings today, yesterday. Truth be told, these clarifications make me chuckle," she told a program in Dhaka on Friday.

"That they are so juvenile to state that he (Bangabandhu) examined with the Core about whether to put 'opportunity' or 'autonomy' first in his discourse. These are absolute lies and have no rationale," she said.

Before the finish of his discourse on Blemish 7, 1971, Bangabandhu Sheik Mujib broadcasted in a roaring voice in the midst of yells and trademarks of help: "The battle this time is the battle for opportunity! The battle this time is for freedom!"

The then Chhatra Alliance pioneers Serajul Alam Khan, Abdur Razzaq, and Kazi Aref Ahmed framed a system called 'Core' in the mid 60s to push for Bangladesh's autonomy from Pakistan. The understudy heads were exceptionally near Bangabandhu.

Five days before the discourse in 1971, the then VP of Dhaka College Focal Understudies' Association or DUCSU, ASM Abdur Rab lifted the national banner of freedom Bangladesh out of the blue.

In a program denoting the event this year, Rab, presently the head of the JSD, a chip of the Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal, guaranteed the political gathering's ideologue Serajul is the "plan" of Bangladesh's battle for autonomy from Pakistan.

Serajul had arranged and started numerous occasions, including the Blemish 7 discourse, prompting the autonomy of Bangladesh, as per Rab.

Hasina had in the past reprimanded Serajul and his partners for pushing Bangabandhu to authoritatively broadcast autonomy in his discourse at the Race Course Ground, presently the Suhrawardy Udyan.

The head administrator had said Bangabandhu would have been marked a 'rebel' in discretionary circles the whole way across the world and Pakistan would have propelled mass killings quickly had he broadcasted autonomy at the Blemish 7 rally.

On Friday, Hasina reviewed: "The facts demonstrate that many had worked day and night making focuses for the discourse, asserting the general population would come back with dissatisfaction if these were excluded. Numerous bits of paper assembled at our home."

"In any case, my mom (Sheik Fazilatunnesa Mujib) said the last words. Mother asked him (Bangabandhu) to pursue his heart in light of the fact that nobody else knew superior to him what the general population, for whom he battled through as long as he can remember, needed.

"Lastly, the long discourse was conveyed with no point composed on a bit of paper," she said.

Hasina said the general population adhered to the directions given by Bangabandhu in the discourse to the letter and liberated Bangladesh.

She portrayed the occasions from 1948 through which Bangabandhu bit by bit motivated the general population to the Freedom War.

Hasina additionally reviewed how Bngabandhu arranged guerilla battling and crusade for worldwide help in Octoober 1969 in London. Hasina was there at the time with her better half Wazed Miah.

"Other than meeting the ostracizes, he (Sheik Mujib) made the arrangements on approaches to accumulate arms and organize preparing for a guerilla battle, how worldwide help will be looked for. It was fundamental to make the arrangement there. He had this enormous premonition," she said.

The leader said Bangabandhu had joined the 1970 surveys even subsequent to realizing that the then administration of Pakistan would not exchange control after the Awami Group's triumph.

"Huge numbers of us, numerous gatherings had been against the races. In any case, he said just a single thing that the race must be held to pick the pioneers who will represent the Bengali country. He got the general population's order in the wake of joining the races by satisfying every one of the conditions set by Yahiya Khan," Hasina said.

Recalling Bangabandhu for the penances he made for Bangladesh, Hasina stated, "You who have perused Bangabandhu's 'Incomplete Journal' and 'Jail Journal' know how he made forfeits for a mind-blowing duration. Furthermore, Bangladesh picked up autonomy on account of the penances he made."

College Awards Commission Administrator Teacher Abdul Mannan displayed the keynote paper at the program sorted out by Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman Commemoration Trust.

Among others, Jahangirnagar College Bad habit Chancellor Farzana Islam, craftsman Hashem Khan, the Trust's President Mashura Hossain and Part Secretary Sheik Hafizur Rahman, conveyed addresses.

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