Friday, April 19, 2019

Before Ramadan the price of meat and vegetables is high

Before the holy month of Ramadan, vendors have increased prices of vegetables, poultry and beef in the market. Domestic and fertile chicken prices have more than a few weeks. There is no vegetables in the market below 50 taka.

Buyers say that, at the beginning of the Ramadan, prices of daily commodity prices are discussed, so the vendors have increased prices before Ramadan. But retailers of the retailers say that they are going to buy more money because they are high in the wholesale market. However, the wholesale dealers demanded that due to hailstorm, there was less supply of vegetables due to inadequate vegetables. On Thursday, Mirpur number 1 in the capital, Kalyanpur New Market and Karwan Bazar are seen, most vegetables without papaya and potola are being sold at Tk 80-100 per kg.

There is no vegetables in the market below 50 taka. Barabati, Mats, Kachur Loti, Karala, Gol Bhuna, Chichiganga, Shajana stems are sold at Tk 80 per kg. Pataol, Tomato is sold at Tk 50. Bean, tall brinjal ki 60 rupees Harun-or-Rashid, an official of the non-government organization at Mirpur-1, said that for a few days vegetables prices are high. Vendors do not give any explanation of why prices have risen suddenly. The buyers are buying out to be helpless. In the markets, beef was sold at the market from 530 to 550 taka. The price of khasir meat is 750 to 800 taka per kg. Every chicken poultry has been sold from 380 to 450 rupees, Farm chicken 155 to 160 taka, Gold bullion chicken has been sold at 250 to 300 rupees.

The Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) lists the prices of essential commodities, a month ago, the price of beef was Rs 500 per kg. Two months ago, it was 480 rupees. Before the month of Ramadan, the price of meat is determined by the two city corporations of Dhaka. This price is determined by meeting with meat traders. So a few months before the meeting, meat sellers increased the price of beef. Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) President Golam Rahman said in the first light, Commerce Minister said, the prices of any products will not increase in Ramadan, there will be no shortage of supply. But the price is already rising. There is no problem with the supply and transportation of goods now. So the government must strengthen the surveillance.

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