Friday, April 19, 2019

Padma bridge is going up in 13 days

The Padma Bridge is going to increase further in 13 days. Another span may be set up in the Jazira end on 23 April. The 11th span will be placed on the pillar of 33 and 34. If the span is installed, the part of the Padma Bridge will be visible to 1,650 meters. Padma bridge authority sources said. Padma bridge authorities sources said that the span on Jazira will start with the floating crane on April 22 from Mawer Kumarvog Construction Yard. The next day, on April 23, the span will be installed if the weather is favorable.

On the last 10 April, 10th span was installed on the 13th and 14th pillars of the Mawa front. The Padma Bridge now forms 1,000 meters in length by installing this span.

On 30th September, 2017, the first spell was introduced in the number 37 and 38 by the first span of the Padma bridge. On January 28, 2014, the second span was placed on the 38th and the pillar number 39. The third span on March 11, last year, on page 39 and 40. Fourth span was placed on the pillar of May 40 and 41 on the same year. On June 29 last year, the fifth span was installed in Noodoba area of ​​Jajira upazila of Shariatpur. At the end of last year a span was placed on the 4th and 5th pillars of Mawa. On January 23 this year, the sixth span on the side of the Jazira border was held. On February 20, the eighth span was placed on the 36th and 35th pillars of Jazira. On March 22, the ninth span was held on the bridge 35 and 34 of the bridge.

According to the Padma bridge authority, 75 percent of the original bridge has been completed. Of the total 42 pillar bridges, 23 pillars have been completely completed. The next eight pillars will be completed in June. In addition to bringing the fragmented part from China, the addition of 10 spans to the Mauer Kumarvog Construction Yard has been completed.

In spite of the lack of space, the span set for the number 32 and 33 will be put in a temporary shed in Jajira.

One senior official of Padma bridge project said in the first light that the remaining 20 spans were made in China.

Project-related people are expected to see the entire Padma bridge in the middle of 2020 due to faster work being done.

Padma bridge expert committee chief Jamilur Reza Chowdhury said in the first light, the construction work of the entire bridge will be completed in 15 months. According to his information, the Padma bridge will be fully visible in July 2020.

A total of 294 piles have been kept in the main bridge of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge project. In the meantime, the installation of 247 piles was completed. The remaining 47 piles have been placed half of 15 pills. There will be a total of 42 poles in 294 piles.

The two-lane Padma bridge is between Mawa of Munshiganj and Jahjira of Shariatpur. Length of main bridge (part of water) is 6 decimal 15 kilometers. If you take part of the vessel, the bridge will be about 9 kilometers long. The steel span will be installed on the pillar, the train will run through it. And the vehicles will walk around.

The current expenditure of Padma bridge is more than Tk 30 billion. Chinese construction firm China Major Bridge Engineering Construction Company is building the main bridge. Another Chinese company Sinohydro Corporation is working on river administration. Construction of toll plazas, connecting roads, infrastructures on both sides, domestic construction companies

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