Friday, April 19, 2019

World Cup going to budget

World Cup cricket begins on May 30 Bangladesh fans, especially the cricket enthusiasts, are excited about the World Cup that started in the last Ramadan. Meanwhile, Eidul Fitr soon after the World Cup began. Typically television channels organize a variety of events for the audience. But this time the Eid is organizing entertainment programs and plays for the drama. Not just sharing, most of the budget is going on behind the game. On the condition of not disclosing the name, a television official said, the advertisement price for the Television channels at the time of Eid is 10 to 20 thousand rupees per minute.

And during the promotion of the game, the channels are advertised at the rate of one and a half million taka per minute. That's why other television's budget deficits are being made. Dewan Shamsur Rakib, chief of RTV's program, said, "Eid budget for drama-televisions has decreased slightly. Most of the playwright of Bangladeshi television viewers. So, advertisers, sponsoring companies and agencies are looking into the game. "For example, if the budget for an organization is 100 taka, then its 60 rupees are going to play back to the game.

Last year, the country's television channels fell into the same problem. Last year the World Cup football was promoted in different channels. The year is one of the major causes of anxiety on channels ahead of the big festival of Eid. According to Bangladesh time, most of the World Cup cricket will start in the afternoon or evening. Until the night or midnight This time during the game, 'Pick Time' in Television.

Last Wednesday, with some senior Television officials It is known that Maasranga Television and Gazi TV will also broadcast the game alongside BTV. Massranga Television program chief Arifur Rahman said, "The channels will be affected a bit for the game, it is true. Because, all the institutions in the game will have a big budget for advertising. But if you are a little tactful then you will be able to recover the loss. In this case, time will be used. It is possible to recover the losses in the afternoon and at night. "

Gazi TV is also thinking about the Eid celebration outside of the game. Its Managing Director Aman Ashraf Faiz said, "We will promote the game. But we will also announce the Eid festival outside this time. "

Speaking at the same time, the Chief Executive of the program, Mostafa Kamal Syed. He said, "The audience's interest in this year's program can be a little less. Because, Bangladesh is taking part in the World Cup. But we've already sold most of our Eid's plays and telegraph chunks. From there we are a little safer. '

But there is no relation to the Eid ceremony with the game, Kamruzzaman Babu, president of Citizen's TV program, said. He said the players of the game are different. There is another kind of television program. So there will not be any effect.

TV channels are now discussing program planning as well as with sponsors. The idea of ​​budgeting has included the idea of ​​building the best and exceptional programs. The remaining channels are planning to create various types of events without the game promoting channels. Channel ii director (sales and marketing) Ibn Hasan Khan said, "The budget of the channels which do not show the game, the deficit will fall. But the channels should not be bad at the ceremony. We have already started building quality programs to entertain the audience. '

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