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Welcome! I'm Allen Luce, a San Francisco– based author, sustenance writer and recipe build. I moved the blog, writer with Amy, in June of 2003. Not long after it was picked a standout amongst other five support composes by Forbes and besides singled out by The Gatekeeper (UK) as the best sustenance blog. It has become well more than 4 million visits. On the blog, I offer remarkable recipes, reviews, investigation, news, and culinary travel information. I believe you value going to as much as I value forming and sharing my exposures. I was regarded that my blog is recorded as a "Site we Adore" by Saveur, associated with a by firstnews24, Epicurious, Great Housekeeping, Redbook and the New York Times (Sound Zone adaptation) among others and was "blog of the day" on the Julie and Julia film website. I have created for various magazines and online goals, including Cheers, where I explained wine and spirits and Gastronomica where I have made different book reviews and furthermore incorporates for both Individually and Marin magazines. For over a year I elucidated the culinary go for, and have been a benefactor at Fodor's, Epicurious blog, Epi-Log. I created restaurant studies for SF Station (an area city coordinate) and was seven days by week contributor at KQED's support blog, Inlet Region Chomps for over five years. I was in like manner contributing editor at Glitz. All the more starting late I have created for FoodNetwork, OpenTable,, Refinery 29 and diverse conveyances both on the web and in print. I'm the essayist of Williams-Sonoma New Flavors for Starters and Wine Identification: Portugal, A Microwave, A Mug, A Feast, and formed the introduction to an imitate of the considerable Jane Grigson's journalist Book.

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